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7551 East 100 North
Whitestown, IN 46075


Hickory Hall Polo Club - Indiana's only polo club offering a unique family fun experience for the whole family! Our home season runs Mid-June thru Early October.  


Indianapolis Hay for Sale

Hay for Sale

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Having 55 acres of hay I have come to the realization that selling hay is not an easy process. The weather / cutter / and buyers all need to be in alignment at the exact same time. We do not store hay on our property. 

To make things easier we developed a simple hay email list. Once the hay is being processed an email will go out with all the relevant information on that harvest. If you are interested simply let us know and we will process your order. 

Here are some of the most common questions that we get:

1. We sell small bales and large round bales. 

2. We usually don't send it to a lab for testing - but if your order is large enough we will. It has been tested in the past. We do put a moisture meter to it before it is baled. 

3. Yes you can come and inspect the fields.

4. Yes we deliver but it is usually local in the Northern Indianapolis area. We do not sell Hay outside of Indiana. Please don't ask.

5. The price is usually $1 cheaper than the going rate for hay in the area during that cut. We will send out the pricing when the cutters have hit the field. We do discount when orders reach 500+ bales. 

6. This is a custom mix of alfalfa grass and clover. It was developed for the Polo industry.

7. Yes we will trade for firewood (and landscaping!).

8. No we won't store. 

9.  Yes you can pick it up out of the field yourself for a cheaper price  - but you must pay in advance due to people ordering and not showing up.